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I understand this poll is long since closed and I'm not sure if this is falling on deaf ears or not now but I'd like to say that you guys struck PURE PVP GOLD in the open world sense relative to the other meager PvP of the same variety I've yet seen in SWTOR. The bull's eye was struck with the 'Plague Event' on Tatooine of late and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it I could. Even hung up my WZ daily / commendation / gear grinding hat for it's duration.

It was an absolute blast and furthermore I experienced NONE of the lag / FPS problems of Ilum for whatever reason that I'm sure you guys are aware of. PLEASE keep events like this rolling out on a regular basis and as frequently as quality control permits if you would and I'll gladly keep my monthly $15 rolling out to you as well.

April's 'Rakhgoul Plague Event' was the most fun I've had in this game thus far, surpassing FP's, WZ's, and Ilum by far (haven't spent enough time doing OP's to say for sure but I'd speculate that you can put them in this list as well). Excellent job guys and Thank You. For what my sole opinion is worth I say take this concept and build, expound, go nuts with it and I think it's a real good shot that PvP (at least of the open world variety) opinions of SWTOR could make a miraculous positive turn. Incidentally I feel that 8 vs. 8 in all your WZ's presents too small of a sample to really properly judge class balance as relates to the team mechanics. The chance for 5 of one class and a smattering of a couple others just breeds animosity toward this or that class, at least in a personal anecdotally experienced way.

Get two warbands of 30+ battling over a world boss though and the experience changes. Stealthers can scout and mount guerilla tactics. Tanks can barrel in and incite havoc on advancing forces. Casters can manage the meta battle and effect the battlefield to steer, AoE and divide forces. It's just a game changer in my opinion besides bum rushing a door or cap point or ball carrier. Just my opinion but I hope I'm in a majority with it and we see a lot more reasons for large scale open battles frequently and soon in the future!
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