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I thought I would get some varied perspective before I submit a ticket.

Basically I have a Sith Marauder with Artiifice/ Arch/ Treasure hunting. And of course because Vette is the only companion i have with any Bonus for my crew skills I send her to do my treasure hunting (+5) However from the beginning of my treasure hunting to what it is now (340 or something) She seems to always return the same rewards. She returns with only 2x Blue Gemstones now seeing as Lvl 49/50 treasure hunting costs 2k+ and about an hour this seems pointless Im sure i could buy the Gems on GTN for less. I do have recollection of her failing
quite often as well although I can't confirm if this is on the Gem Hunting missions or others.

As a point of comparison I sent lieutenant Pierce on a treasure hunt and received 3 different rewards at least 2x blue gems and multiple Purples as well. His affection is only about 800 while Vettes is about 5k.

Anyone else have a similar experience?
It sounds like you are sending them out on moderate missions. Next time look to see if you can send them on abundant, bountiful, and rich missions. When Pierce came back with multiple blue gems and purple ones he critted on the mission.