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Problem is: Then you dont need a Greed Button, cause with a full Companion Party, the only thing i cant legally have Need for, as a non-Forceuser, is Lightsabers & Force User Armour, cause i never get a Force-using as Companion.

So you REALLY want to have everyone need on Stuff, thats an upgrade for you, cause someones companion could need? For Example: A Sithwarrior`s 5-6 companions can use everything...

Ideal would be a "need for Companion" - Button that ranges inbetween.

Need > Companion-Need > Greed
Personally I'd change the order to "Need > Companion > Reverse Engineer > Greed"
But yes, I think a new option for companions would solve those problems... because your claim for them is not strong enough to need, but stronger than greed and taking apart... at least that's my opinion...