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Fun sans romance:

- Vector. I know, he technically is romanceable, but my male Agent had a grand old time at his side. I love this guy's character. Would absolutely consider him a cherished friend. Could take or leave the romance, but I like his level-headed advice anyway.

- Lord Scourge. Oh yes please play more mind games while you try to shake me out of my blinkered Jedi path. Every piece of counsel he offers is golden. Just watch out, because gold has a way of changing you...

- T7-01. The first time Doc said something impolite and T7 beeped "Jedi = hero \\ you = idiot," the adorableness almost killed me. I'm not sure why "enthusiastic hero sidekick" gets so cute when put into that astromech syntax, but T7-01 was a reliable pick-me-up and friend.

- I'm looking forward to Blizz.
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