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As I want it:
                        Father --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uncle
                             |                                                                                                                 |
       __________________________________                                            ____________________________
       |                     |                       |                      |                                            |                      |                               |
Scoundrel    Sentinel        Guardian           Marauder                             Consular         Inquisitor             Bounty Hunter
(adopted)     (brother)          (main)             (twin)                                 (cousin)           (cousin)                  (cousin)

My main is my Jedi Guardian. Speck away from 50. Him and the Marauder are twins and the older siblings. As a background to explain all this I decided that the planet they were living on was invaded by the Sith and in the chaos the family was split. At some point the family adopted a Twi'lek as their sister. I have more to the story, but it isn't important for the illustration. If I couldn't show it as above then hooking the Consular as cousin to the Guardian and Sentinel would show that they are both cousins and allies. Then have the Marauder brother to the Guardian and ally/cousin to the Inquisitor the Bounty Hunter sister to the Inquisitor.
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