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Overall I really really loved this event and hope many more like this will come.

I liked that there were opt-outs, so that people that didn't want to participate could choose not to do so.
You usually had enough warning to move away from someone before exploding and since people could only explode every 20 mins. the potential for griefing was low and I've never actually witnessed any griefing (not to say there wasn't any, just that I didn't encounter it!). The idea of the vaccine was a great one, though as many others have noted it would've been great if it lasted through death.
For future events I hope you consider those people that do not like to participate in those events and give them ways to opt-out.

Giving the tokens (DNA) through quests and dying was a great touch. It eliminated the "harvesting" of spawns which would've seriously damaged the lower level of players from participating.

Having mobs/bosses spawn keyed to your own level, so that regardless of your own level you'd be facing a challenge was great. It prevented the event from being steamrolled by high levels or impossible for low-levels.

The dailies progressing day by day is a nice touch, gives an incentive to look every day what there is new. Would've liked it if there was more story discovered this way, with you finding out more day-by-day.

The rewards were nice, neither "must-have" stuff or inventory hogging gimmicks without much use. My major gripe was the customization boxes. While random things as such are fun, there should be some limiting factors. I bought 36 of those boxes till I finally got the last (8th) customization. Why not make it so that if you open a box you can't get a customization you have in your inventory (This way one could get all customizations with just 8 boxes AND those people wanting more of a specific customization can get it by mailing those they want a multiple of to an alt).

The event length was okay, two weeks is a good amount of time. Not everyone will be able to participate in every event every time.
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