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04.25.2012 , 07:05 PM | #104
The event was very cool and almost flawless. Things I would like to see on the next one, assuming it would be similar are...
1. No random customization or reward boxes. Make them specific for your current class. Another idea would be to make them tradeable via gtn. that way people could put em up and if they didn't get the one they want, they could then purchase it or trade with friends.

2. While I have two lvl 50 toons, and you only had to be lvl 23ish for the last one, I would make the next one on a planet that is accessible for even lower levels. If your just starting the game and this hit, you may have missed out on the fun, and that could have been a big draw for new people to keep playing. Or, maybe stagger some of it so it takes place on multiple planets with different rewards on each. I don't know, something to make it appeal to a broader audience than just for people that have made it halfway to fifty.

3. DNA samples were cool, but make them trade able only within Legacy. That way you can earn the com, and also trade the com to your other toons if they need it.
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