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04.25.2012 , 06:52 PM | #103
Loved this event, personally i was disappointed that Tatooine wasn't the first stage of the event of many stages and that it would have spread to planets like Aldeeran, Hoth etc...

- Rewards - The rewards that were on offer were good - they offered something cool and aesthetic for 50's and something useful for lower levels with some other stuff like the pet and companion vanity items being cool. These rewards were done right because if people missed out on an event they won't miss out on an ultra-uber item that makes you that much stronger that you could only get in the event.
- Open World PVP - whether intentional or not it worked. It didn't feel forced which was fantastic, it was simply Open World PVP occurring almost naturally.
- Questing I liked how more dailies revealed themselves as time wore on, which was great as each day you log on you would be like - i wonder what new quest there will be today. I also enjoyed the original story quest and the epic journey around tatooine- fantastic.

- Random rolling on the companion customisation boxes - wasn't that happy to have Corsos even though i am a smuggler.

- PVP Don't force open world PVP by adding in quests to do so. This will simply result i believe in which side has the bigger force on the planet at the time and will turn into a mini-illum of sorts. Just let this play out naturally on the PVP servers. Or if we really had to - neutralise the PVP quest to a very specific area so those that want to quest can avoid it and those that want forced world PVP can go to that area.
- Questing The event needs to go on for a little longer IMO and spread across multiple zones depending on what the event is. What would be cool IMO is that an Imperial/Republic/Other Armada started attacking Carrick/Vaiken Station and you had to go out to their main ship via interfleet transport and do dailies on there.

Overall great event - one of the best i have participated in, in a MMO. Well Done