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04.25.2012 , 06:04 PM | #1
Forums are full of crying "let me romance that companion!" (guilty myself). Yet there are companions that make playing fun without romance options.

First one comes to mind is Blizz, of course. But among more "human-like" there are others who I personally would never romance but they really make me want to play that class.
One is Gault, for example. So much fun, such humorous dialogs and remarks - sometimes I re-play dialogs just to see what HE would answer there.
Another is Talos. Really, that cute little man with his hilarious "just let me at them!" call saved SI gameplay for me. Was kind of bored and had to force myself to continue leveling.

My favorite class - JC - is no fun at all in companions department, other classes got some interesting romance options. But among totally un-romansable I can mentiong only those too. Great job on them, BW!