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04.25.2012 , 03:16 PM | #38
It will change because the game will evolve and change and new things will be added.
1.2 changed a lot of things, including what the OP has gone into now- that being the augments coming from SWing. I can easily see 1.3 adding something for Artifice and Cybertech that puts something else out on the market along the lines of Arms/Armor/Synth got with the augments. They will have to add something because not everyone is going to stay content with magenta and the other added schematics. If they don't, then they will have failed, but for now, you found something else to go into.

Good on ya for that. If I had the time to change profs at each and every time I hit 400 to make all my stuff, I'd probably get on board with that, but the 30minutes being spread out over a few hours to keep prepping my comps to make stuff is better spent at this point in time.

However, my 6 characters have their own crafting profs and I'll make what I need from them.
I'm also one of those guys that plays the class because I like it, not because it necessarily was always the best class for the moment. Shaman from vanilla days kind of thing.

Regardless of all that- glad you are happy with your switch