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The best thing about the event was its randomness and lack of notice. It just sort've happened... and was left there for people to explore. I hope future events are also just as spontaneous and that they are not "canned" or "hyped-up" in advance.

The idea that it's possible for you to miss the whole thing entirely because you don't log in for two weeks adds balance to the game imo. Too much of swtor is scripted/instanced and random events that can pass you by give more of an existential feel to an otherwise scripted world.

In the future, maybe some sort of high-level NPC assault or sneak attack can happen on one planet requiring players to band together for a week to beat it back. Perhaps this threat could even come from beyond the outer rim (!!!) which would necessitate both Empire and Republic alike to temporarily put aside their quarrels and face a common enemy... This would create a conflict with something at stake for both sides (preventing a third faction from occupying a given planet and its friendly NPCs) while avoiding the widespread problem of faction imbalance.
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