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04.25.2012 , 02:11 PM | #13
Sorry to necro my own thread, but I thought I'd give it an update. It turns out, Catboy is worse than I thought at taking no for an answer.

I got my Trooper to 45, so I could survive the final mission in the Deadeyes storyarc. Very good story, that was, by the way, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I get back to my ship, and there's three more missions left for me with Jorgan. All three of them are relationship related. The first one, I tell him I had fun but I'm not as interested in him as he is in me. Loss of 160 affection. Does that end it? No! Second one, he PROPOSES. I turn him down, another loss of 160 affection. Still not the end? You betcha! He immediately proceeds to wonder about having kids - I think he said adopting them, but honestly I stopped paying attention to him by then. Thankfully, saying I didn't want kids didn't lose me any more affection.

Seriously, Bioware. Some of us don't want romances with our subordinate officers. Ever. Don't railroad us like this again, thanks.