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The arrangement that sounds the best to me so far is...
  • The buyer provides all mats to fuel the crafting attempts.
  • The buyer does not actually pay anything for the crafting, until the item is delivered.
  • The price paid for the item is based on the number of crafting attempts, with the highest possible amount agreed on in advance.

What do you think of this arrangement? What kind of terms have you used yourself, and how have people liked them?
Either I don't understand your point, or there is no doubt it sounds great to you.

To be sure: I provide the mats for all attempts, and then have to pay for the item?? Seriously?

The way i see it, I would give you a tip for... you know, being cool and keeping an eye on your companions, and for taking the time to research the eschematic if that is the case.

Marketing here is very simple: if you have no costs for making the item (I provide all mats), the only think you can charge for is providing the service.
The effort, time, and credits invested (by you) in being able to provide that service is something you should be looking to get back by adding all profits obtained in the long run. Not for every time you provide the service.

Your system, as a customer, seems highly unacceptable to me. All due respect.

Sorry, my economics English is very poor, hope I explained myself
If we insist in calling ourselves casual players, we need to accept that there is a downside to it: Hardcore players will always look cooler, be stronger, play better and in general win more often than we do