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You can RE the 200 daily com relics to learn the schematic and crit craft them, then sell the uncritted ones for a few mil and the crited ones for 4million+. Or use them for yourself and have the best relic possible.

^Assuming the crafted ones are BoE. The crafted black hole implants are BoE so I'm assuming it's the same for the daily relics. I saw a dev post about how they would be re-able, but I don't know if they will be BoE or BoP when you craft them. Confirmation on this would be great.
Crafted relics today are BoP, at least pre-patch. I'm pretty sure that all the end-game crafted items that the different skills offer (like the relic, the belt, the bracers) that are worthwhile for crit-crafting, are BoP. If they were BoE, then yes, Artifice and other skills would be able to generate a bit more money, but would not be as useful as a reusable adrenal IMO.