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But you can level from 0-400 in one day WHILE STILL RAIDING OR RUNNING FLASHPOINTS OR DOING DAILIES. It eats up maybe a grand total of 30 minutes of your time, to figure out which recipes to craft, hit the GTN for any mats your guild bank doesn't have or you don't have left over from previous professions, assign your crew members to missions, etc.

So saying "I'm going to keep my 400 Artifice because someday it will be great" makes no sense to me. None. I don't get it at all. I could get keeping it for roleplaying reasons. I could get keeping it because your guild relies on you to make their crit lightsabers (thought I think that would be a lame reason, I'd still understand it). But I don't get keeping it because it will be good "someday", when the cost of moving between professions is 30 minutes of your time and a small outlay of credits (we can argue about the number, but certainly well less than you can get by just doing the dailies in Ilulm and Corellia, so 60-90 minutes of your time).

I also don't understand people who are saying that you should keep artifice because you can make lightsabers with augment slots and high end color crystals. Please explain this to me. I need 2 lightsabers and 2 color crystals. I could get all of those for the price of the materials from someone in my guild who isn't into raiding and has Artifice because they're not interested in min/maxing. If I wasn't in a guild, I could take the crystals out of my rakata lightsabers (we are talking about raiders here, let's be reasonable, they have access to +41 crystals without needing to resort to an artificer), so I'd only need to buy the lightsabers. The price on those varies from server to server, and hasn't stabalized yet on all servers, but worst-case scenario you're looking at a total of maybe 600k. Probably a lot less, but shouldn't be more than that. So you're saying that it's worth staying in Artifice to save 600k?

It is true that you can use Exotech adrenals that are better than the re-usable adrenals that Biochems can make. If you are one of the handful of guilds that is clearing Nightmare mode Ops within a week of 1.2 coming out, then yeah, you're going to use those. For everyone else, there's a serious tradeoff to be made. We're not talking about a couple of hours of farming dailies to buy a couple of lightsabers. If you're using an Exotech Adrenal every time the CD is up on every boss fight, you're talking serious amounts of cash. Even if you're getting them for the cost of the materials from a guild mate (and I pity the guy that's making stacks of exotech adrenals for 5 other people that want to raid), you're still looking at spending many hours every week just to pay for your adrenals. Or you can live with a slightly worse adrenal that's free. That's actually a real decision, it's not a slam dunk to pay for the exotech; and in fact, I don't know of a single person on my server that actually uses the exotech adrenals. Ever.

I don't really care, I'm not that interested in crafting and the overall DPS increase from using the adrenal vs. not using it is small enough that I'm willing to live with it. It would make the difference from time to time-- for example, running a bunch of undergeared guild mates through HM EV last night, we wiped when Soa had 8,000 health left, which probably would have been accounted for by the free biochem adrenal-- but it wouldn't make the difference often enough to get me all worked up about it. It just means an extra attempt from time to time. If I was in a high end progression raiding guild, then of course that attitude wouldn't be acceptable.
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