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Because it will change?
Will it though? 1.2 was supposed to be the beginning of that change and there are very few reasons for anyone to stick with any craft outside of biochem.

Take me for example. I have rakata crit crafted relics, bracers, and belts (dps and tank sets). I'm also neither synthweave or artifice, but am biochem. Yes, exotech stims are better than rakata stims and yes, prototype medpacks are better than rakata medpacks, but biochem lets me use these items without any worry of running out. I have dps and tank adrenals that I can pop whenever the need (or want) arises because I don't have to replace them. Don't need the added HP or defense for this fight? Ok, I just switch to a DPS stim; who cares if I had 1hr 30min left on my old stim and I can then switch right back to a defensive stim afterward. I also have an alt who can make all of the crit armor I will ever need and a guildmade with an alt who can make me a crit weapon whenever I need it.

I'm not saying everyone should go the route I did, but there is little incentive not to if someone wanted to. In my opinion they need to make it so the specific items a crew skill can make such as belts and bracers for armor and synth, weapons for arms, relics or lightsabers with art, or earpieces wtih cyber and make it so there can't be a crit version of these items, ever, BUT a crafter with a specific skill can put an augment slot on that specific item that also comes with it a requirement of 400 in that craft: Synth can aug their belts and bracers, arts can aug their relics, arms can double aug their MH weapon, cyber can double aug their earpieces, etc. Thats just my 2cents.