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04.25.2012 , 10:12 AM | #31
Because it will change?

Seriously, most people are so miffed that 1.2 didn't fix everything... I really wonder if those people played vanilla wow and watched it change and morph over the years.

Back then, the crafting skills were all sorts of screwed up, and it was only in the last couple of years that blizz even introduced a way to balance end-game perks within each profession, and yet they still had huge issues.

Right now, we're seeing what any crafting profession is used to seeing: really cool stuff that you have to wait till near-end-game to use and can be replaced almost immediately by something better... think about it: if you can craft the best stuff, what is the point of them putting sweet gear in the ops? I can just sit around all day waiting for that little yellow text to pop up with "Great Success" rather than head to a op with 7 of my closest buddies.

When BW gets around to it, the RE-s will be fixed, and that will make a lot of professions happy.

I'm torn between your purported statement of "I don't care about money" and your looking into the $-based reasons to stay artificing. If I'm on your server, I say dump artificing, that means one less person I'll have to compete with when BW swings the pendulum back from the Biochem-flavored month that everyone seems to think is the game at this point.