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That would potentially cost me 1 million credits in a single day. At the very least 500k a day. Those same companions could be out making money. Time is money friend!

I just dabbled in this, very much against my better judgement, and I was unfortunately not surprised. 15 attempts at making a war hero chest piece with ZERO crits. All companions affection is maxed. I won't be attempting that again until I am at the very least able to RE the non-crits for a DECENT amount of materials back. Only getting like 1 upari crystal back will not cut it, thanks. RE should at least return a third of the materials used.

As things currently stand it is far far more profitable to simply farm materials and sell them on the GTN. Boring, but lucrative. At least someone else is having fun crafting, I guess. At least with the money I can have some fun.

As for making augmented gear for myself/friends... it's simply too frustrating and time intensive (farming for all those materials only to fail 15 times will have me punching wholes in walls lol). No thank you.

I would love to hear when/how they plan to add the ability to add augmented slots to existing orange gear. Although, the prospect of storing all that gear for an indeterminate amount of time is troublesome. Not too mention that feature would likely completely tank the market for orange augmented gear. We don't even know if it would require a crafter to add an augment slot. What if players are able to do it on their own? Good bye marketplace! In light of some of Bioware's recent confusing changes regarding crew skills I think that might be a likely outcome.
I hear ya on the most of that. I ended up attempting to make an augmented dual bladed lightsaber for a friend atleast 15 times, and on my last attempt before I was out of mats, it finally crit for a slot. It was rather annoying and costly.

However, if someone else had been supplying the mats, as the OP suggested, the only thing it would cost me personally is the use of one companion. At the moment I only have 1 companion that has any natural bonus to artifice, and that's who I use. It takes longer, but as a commision time isn't as much a factor. I don't expect when i ask someone to make something that they will have it to me within the hour. <.< Would be nice, but not realistic.