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04.24.2012 , 10:54 PM | #2
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Hey, this bug being bugging us for a couple weeks now and I am wondering if anyone else have experienced this.

Occasionally (happen to us about 40-50% of the time) when we try to combat rez someone, the combat rez button would not light up even though we don't have the 5 minute raidwide debuff timer.

It is nothing game breaking but sometimes during the middle of a fight and someone died for some unfortunate reason, we could have recovered if the combat rez option was available. Having a healer down in a 8m raid and having the combat rez bugging out usually mean exit area and start the fight over.
Pre 1.2 myself, op healer, and the sorc healer in my raid would receive a message that the target couldnt benefit from the rez at about 40% chance.

Post 1.2 on my op is very rare that i cant get my battle rez to work, but very rarely can the sorc use his.