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have the raid stack on the boss right before he does the aoe pull (he does this at 60% after he's done doing whatever atction he's doing, so it might be 60% it might be 59/8/7%), so there's less air travel time and people can start running earlier.

also, everyone should be saving their medpacs for this. consulars/inquisitors should speed boost and pull people out of it, jk's / warriors should leap to whoever is speed boosting out and popping their health boost, (if focus specced, save a zealous leap to use on the boss right before the pull so you have a speed boost), and sentinels/marauders should use their raid-wide speed boost.

this only occurs once, so everyone should have their cd's and medpacs saved specifically for this moment. there's no more aoe damage for the rest of the fight following this, so just, survive this and healers can focus on the tanks.
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