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I'd rank it a 6.

The following dodges major spoilers, but doesn't shy away from the more minor.

Chapter 1 is subpar. Sort of a straightforward, cheesy, find this, solve the problem, look at our special little chosen one, story.
Chapter 1 gets a 4.

Chapter 2 is my favorite of the 3. Very day in the life of a Jedi feeling. Meshes well with the planet stories. You're going places and helping people. A little aimless, I guess you could say, but it makes you feel important, and has decent interactions with the Rift Alliance and those on the planets.
Chapter 2 gets an 8.

Chapter 3 is the middle chapter in quality. Corellia is great. The final boss is a little underwhelming, IMO, but everything comes together with the work you've done for the Rift Alliance beautifully. However the other planets are much worse in quality. A few Children are interesting (like the Belsavis one) the rest suck. The idea of an Army of the Esh-ka was a little underdeveloped. Could have been much better done to make it more interesting and less cheesy. "Hmm, I wonder where I could find a big *** army...?" "Oh, I know one!" was a tad ridiculous. Corellia is a 9 and the other planets are a 6. 7 Overall.