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12.17.2011 , 07:47 AM | #6
For people like me who had only had one companion up to this point, I had no idea why she had vanished, but having done so, the following info solved it for me from someone more knowledgeable in chat

At the top of the screen is a jewel shaped icon on the same bar as point tree icon and others..... etc. The jewel is the 'crew window'. Open it and your companion is in there and there is a small clicker to the right of companion to summon her. I suppose this is how u select a companion later. I really didn't have a clue it existed and thanks to the person in chat who gave me that help. I still think that the fact she vanished just as a cut scene was playing is a little buggy though you might want to look at that plz devs

I have just done the quest with companion easily and am only posting this in case someone else runs into same predicament