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I've had a few people interested in commissioning me to make them an item with an augment slot. I'd love to do this, but first want to figure out how to charge a fair rate that reflects the uncertainty of how many attempts it takes to get that slot.

The arrangement that sounds the best to me so far is...
  • The buyer provides all mats to fuel the crafting attempts.
  • The buyer does not actually pay anything for the crafting, until the item is delivered.
  • The price paid for the item is based on the number of crafting attempts, with the highest possible amount agreed on in advance.
  • The max amount is paid for success on the 1st attempt (and perhaps for a couple of attempts afteward). Then the rate starts to go down. The longer it takes, the less the crafter makes from the deal (this makes it fair to the buyer who has to wait longer for their item, and also helps assure the buyer they are not being 'farmed' for free mats). If it takes long enough, the item can end up being free except for the required mats.

What do you think of this arrangement? What kind of terms have you used yourself, and how have people liked them?
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