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I think we need some answers here, and I am tired of having threads shut down for asking questions that the " stickies " dont answer. Now, I have attempted to set up 3 accounts for myself, and my 2 sons. When I attempted to do this through the Origin web site, I was not allowed for reasons even they could not explain in our telephone conversation. The lady from Origin did however manage to get my sons pre-order completed by entering it manually on her end.

Now, the problems.
Even though I directly told the nice lady from origin to set the account up on my kids e-mail addresses, all of the confirmation e-mail have come to my e-mail address.

Today is the 17th, and they still have no pre-order codes.

The very idea that we have to jump from origin to TOR website, back and forth 10 times just to try to play, leaves plenty of opportunities for one to make a vital mistake in the set up process.

I have been told by Origin that there will be no refunds for my kids pre-order if they end up playing after the 20th. And I am fine with that. However, having Origin and TOR passing the puck back and forth creates a feeling of helplessness that is frustrating to the average consumer.

I believe that TOR team should be able to make these steps more clear for us , the consumer. And also, that they need to communicate better with their partners ( Origin) to be sure the transmission from purchase to play is better streamlined.

A wondeful game indeed, and well worth the money, no doubt. But a horrible game entry set up, without question.
Please TOR team, before moving this thread to the trash, allow us simple minded, not so computer savy players, some simple answers. Thank you.
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