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04.24.2012 , 02:20 PM | #6
Understanding economics or not, I can see the point behind the firing back, and I don't honestly understand the OP's problem.

If you go to the market to buy mats, any mats, you have to be ready to pay for it. If the costs are steep... you have to invest in farming the materials yourself or go without- that's simply a business call on your part.

Coming here and complaining that people are selling goods for higher prices won't technically help, because you made the call not to buy the items and then complain about the cost when you can do something about it. You've told us you like to use grenades in WZs and yet come here to demand that the people that provide them lower the cost simply because you don't want to pay it?

I see a couple of flaws here:

1) An assumption that people are only going to buy something if they can get the cost back and then some based on an outcome of something completely unrelated (the WZ in question). Some will make the decision to spend credits, period, and not base it on the 6k limit

2) The people that will create those items are in it to provide something to the buyer (you) without regard to their investment in time, materials, and own credit health... here's a comparison that may or may not work for you:
- That would be like asking someone who does Bio to sell their stims, pacs, etc for end-game based on the OPs credit drops... and not on what goes into making the item itself OR
- Someone has mismatched crew skills and complains when you can't make prototype gear because your diplomacy doesn't return luxury fabrics and the ones on the GTN are overpriced.

The game is designed around the fact that you are to have comparable and hopefully compatible gathering crew skills for your actually crafting skill, it actually limits you to only one craft for some of these very reasons. Unless you can make the grenades yourself by farming your own materials, the cost will just have to be whatever cost you come across. That is the state of the GTN... your wanted use of grenades will have little effect on the market unless you start making the grenades yourself and/or begin selling them or their parts on the market.