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a) You can use lower level grenades. They are cheaper. Not exactly as good as the highlevel ones, but close enough to make a difference in pvp.

b) That said, I still agree in principle.

The component-price for grenades is high enough that it creates an additional imbalance between the "rich" players and the "poor". The credit reward for an hour of pvp at level 50 is too low to cover the price of grenades in addition to 2-hour stims. It´s not even close.

c) The grenades now grant an additonal AE-CC with a 3 minute cooldown. That´s a balance-breaking ability in many dueling-situations and also in many critical situations in Warzones. E.g.: 4-8 people using grenades on the group around the enemy ball carrier in a match of Huttball can break any random team and most premades who don´t use grenades.
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