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SWtoR seems to affect me to the point of having to channel it through illustrations
I barely started but I guess it would be nice to share my pictures with you all ^^

They will all be downloadable in their original size on my Deviant art account. Hope you enjoy them as I do =^.^=
You can also keep track of them on my tumblr account
My facebook art page is another way to follow and contact me ^^
Vector Hyllus, repressing his pheromonic bond for the female Imperial Agent. (Vector Customization #4)
I inspired myself with Doctor Lokin's customization #2
Corso Riggs have a very cute habit of naming all his weapons. =^.^=
In this Illustration, he is seen holding Flashy and Sparkles, the two guns he gives to the smuggler.
Malavai Quinn, being distracted by his precious Lord
With those three lighting sources I wanted to show Malavai's tortured soul:
Coldly bound to his duty towards the empire, being devoured by those burning impulses that he repress all the time and the balance he will eventually reach in the middle.
Vector Hyllus, being all cuddly and sexy!
I must have worked a whole year on this piece; never realized painting skin would cause me such troubles ><
I believe I fully repainted his chest and arms at least four times. O.o
Well, it forced me to review my knowledge of body and muscle structures.

Those of you who played an Imperial Agent will recognize the environment of the scene :3

Coming next: ... I need a break ... nnaaahhh ^^
I believe I'll need to play more in order to experience more of those delicious companions ^^