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Prologue - 4/10 It's interesting in that you get into the history of the Jedi and Sith orders. You're trying to stop somebody from going in the wrong direction and save them from the dark side of the force that they really don't understand. Quyzen who is a hunter and lives his entire life revolving around that and the great Scorekeeper just sort of falls flat which is why I knocked it down so far. There is so much potential in that companion that never gets explored.

Chapter 1 - 1/10 This is annoying, depressing, and just really bad writing. There's no build up. There's no attachment to the people you're sent out to save. They're just random Jedi who the Council believes are more important than you are. So by all means go sacrifice yourself for their benefit and if you die, oh well. It just totally fell flat on its face for me, and seems that by the end you would have already just given up. The cold, aloof, and miserable lack of concern from the Council (which after getting to the end makes sense) has for your own well being is a real turn off. And getting the obnoxious Theran Cedrax as a companion was icing on the crap cake (I want to shove him out my airlock and see how long he lasts in space without a suit).

Chapter 2 - 3/10 There's no real closure to the force disease you've been battling against only a hint that it all faded away when you defeated the end of Chapter 1. Where in the heck did the whole "we think you'd be a good diplomat" idea come from? And you're not even a diplomat, you're a lapdog trained to fetch and given over to a bunch of people who again there's no connection to. The only ones that ever interact to do anything other than whine incessantly about how bad the Republic has treated them is Senator Grell and Nadia. So you're not a diplomat, you're a recruitment poster for the Republic. Again it feels like weak writing and minimal connection. Iresso and Zenith are once again disconnected companions who feel like they're just dropped on your head because somebody else doesn't want to deal with them.

Chapter 3 - 6/10 So now the proverbial crap has really hit the fan and you're really in a war. So there's a good aspect in that you're directing your troops like a general, making decisions on important targets based off what small intel you have. It's not bad, but there could have been so much more. The final villain is revealed (which explains the total lack of concern for your life in Chapter 1 sort of), and you now have a target. By and large the best part of the Consular story lines are on Voss and Corellia. You gain Nadia as a padawan, granted its late, but at least she's got a connection to you and is likable enough in that insecure teenage sort of way. I couldn't even imagine romancing her as a male character though, which totally drops that out of the running (it would be like romancing your kid sister =P...).

Overall - 3.5/10 The story was far too disconnected from the character. Most of the time I would feel like I was watching somebody else's story and just doing all the work. The companions we get just feel dumped on you except for Qyzen and Nadia. The "advancement" in the Jedi order didn't seem justified or even explained well, and it was only as an afterthought at the beginning of Chapter 2 because nobody who wasn't a Master could be a diplomat. While the ending was decent and more engaging, it was too little-too late. There are so many holes left in the story that had no substance at all to fill them.