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There is always a path to take that only requires 4 probes.
The main issue to deal with this is which tile you select 1st and how long it takes you to do reach the 3rd row... You are on a good try if you reach the 3rd row with just 1 Probe. If you don't manage... Usually it's safer to just bail out and retry. So before spending the 1st bot BE SURE you have a path to the 3rd row requiring just 1 disarm.

- Optimize your probe usage... They appear ALWAYS on the same spot. Select the one that's closer... If you have melee, the sooner they start the sooner you kill.

- Keep 1 DPS on the Tower with the clicker (usually the 2nd tank) helps tons at cutting down the spawn of the 1st Probe... After that 1st add on the Tower is killed that DPS should go down and help the rest of the team.

- Synch the yellow marking with the death of the probe. Depending on your DPS, if you call the marking when the Probe is around 10-15% you have enough time to defuse it. The clicker should immediatly summon the next probe ASAP before keep on looking at the Minefield. When doing this BE SURE the clicker is aware about the "Panel Cooldown" when revealing mines... or when the call is issued the panel may be on CD and thus he/She can't mark yellow when needed, loosing valuable seconds.

Finnally there are tries that require 5 defusals... If you didn't spend enough time to reveal the 3rd row BEFORE selecting the initial tile on your path. Tricky decission... As the initial delay on 1st Probe can't be increased forever... So accept the bad luck and retry.