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They should have had full space game in at launch. Playing catch up now is something they wouldn't have to have done. How on earth they could have made a star wars game without space is something I'll never get my head around.
And it's funny how they've been so quiet about it, but now it's come out top in the polls, suddenly they're soooo excited.
the more stuff included at game launch , the farther away game launch ...and they were already a couple of *YEARS* late by adding full voice over (lol : how many aliens just repeat the same 4 sound files at random ? what kind of voice over is that ? )

I still want to decorate my own starship , ala Everquest II decorating your own home.

But yeah , upgraded space combat would be cool too.
Survey says : need more story....but we already have more story than anyone else ! ... too bad. need more story.