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First chapter is just about making errand across the universe. Also, the jedi council doesn't care about the fact you die slowly. Nothing is done about it, the npcs says "oh you seems weak !" after you saved them, but that's all. In the end, it doesn't matter AT ALL.
Second and third chapters are even more horrible. They try to makes you a diplomat, which is really a great idea. But you NEVER do diplomacy. The NPC are aboard your ship, but you don"t have any diplomacy discussions or whatever. They just stand here all day, and send you to 1/liberate the planet 2/make an army, at each stop.

Also, the traitor is SOOOOO obvious, I knew he was a traitor almost at first sight. The voice actor is overplaying him so hard...
And finally, the ultimate bad guy is obvious. It's either him/her (no spoiler, you'll find anyway), Satele, Yuon Par or the third master (don't know his name, don't know who he is, he just appear sometimes during briefing as the useless third master). And it couldn't be Satele because she is Satele. Neither it can be Yuon Par, because she disappear once the first chapter is done. I don't know what happen to her, she stop talking to me. It would have been a good twist though.

Finally, the companions suck.
Qyzen is all about hunt. It's pathological. This guy think of hunt ALL THE TIME. He see a wookie, he want to skin him. He see a cat, he want to kill it. He see an imperial, he want to hunt him. He clean his bag, he found trophies and think about past hunt. You talk about your romance, he want to offer you a hunt trophy ! Seriously, get a life Qyzen. Also, this guy think you are some kind of messiah for his goddess, because you saved him from a prison. No kidding....
Tharan have an horrible voice, and is egomaniac. Holiday is far more interesting as the "holographic geek bimbo who still have a brain but hide it".
Iresso is a "random trooper with issues because he was captured by Imps, boo hoo".
Zenith is a ruthless paranoid who want to kill/blackmail almost everyone just to be sure they don't plan something. He is as friendly as a block of ice. And yet I'm sure a vanilla ice cream is more friendly.
Nadia is the only one interesting character, but yet, you unlock her only around lvl 45 (end of belsavis), which is horribly late for your padawan. A padawan is supposed to be really close to his/her master, and you have like 5lvl to make such links. Also, if you are male, the "forbidden romance" with the padawan sounds cool, if you want to make a romance in 5lvl. The JK unlock his padawan around lvl 15, and AFAIK, she is part of the storyline.