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I quite enjoyed it, I would say 7/10.

It would be 10 but Act 1 isn't that great, Act 2 and 3 are a lot better.
I'm glad you said that, I've had my Sage and Shadow since December and still haven't had the will until this week to push them any further than Tatooine. The story just feels so...dull, there's no connection with the player.

I think the biggest problem with both Jedi storylines is that we get knighted far too soon. I recently rolled my first Imperial character, a Warrior, and the constant strive for progression really draws you in.

So far, I'm rating it maybe 3 out of 10: the female voice acting saves it in my opinion. Looking forward to getting off of Chapter 1 and seeing the other two though, I'm hoping my rating will shoot up.

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