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04.24.2012 , 03:44 AM | #9
wow everyone post on this gonna be a negative Nancy. have any of you played world of warcraft. That game has a cross sever instance que. it works very well. and as for loot, they just make class specific loot for needs on the purple gear. meaning you cant be a dbag and click need on something you would never use. and also the suggestion to pick a new sever is a load of crap. I play the one I am on with real life friends. As would any online game I play and im sure most people do that. To you haters thinking this would ruin the game take the out of your butt and realize my suggestion is just a way so more people can enjoy the game. Id like to see more players not less. and I do know pvp gear is good for pvp. But decent pve gear helps to obtain the pvp gear. my **** gear does not help obtain pvp gear.