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The False Emperor has always been my favorite Flashpoint to start with, whether it is Empire or Republic. It nets you an important item in your set (chest), the bonus boss (Sith Entity) provides implants, and HK-47 can drop weapons. The Flashpoint itself is not very difficult, though there are some very hairy pulls when you're first starting out.

I mostly agree with the arrangement of the flashpoints listed above, except that I would swap Battle of Ilum and The Esseles in terms of difficulty. If you ran Esseles and you're finding that you're hitting the enrage timer on the last boss, a couple of pieces from Ilum and False Emperor could definitely put you over the lip of what you need.

Another important piece of advice I can offer is making sure you have stims, healthpacks, and adrenals. Having biochem is a wonderful tool, if that's the profession you chose. If the GTN is coming up pretty barren, hit up the Medical/Stim Droids that sell Exceptional Medpacks and the stims. All Hard Mode Flashpoints drop Biometric Alloy, if I remember correctly, which is the "rare" ingredient in the rakata-level biochem stuff.
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