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My advice first and foremost would be to get both rakata implants and earpiece from the dailies and then maybe 2-3 pieces of gear from the GTN before trying HM FP's. This will give you a good starting point from which to try them. Bringing along a good healer of course makes everything easier, so try and do that if possible too.

There are two distinct categories of flashpoints easier and harder, these are in my opinion the easier and harder flashpoints:


Taral V
False Emperor
The Esseles
Maelstrom Prison


Directive 7
Battle of Ilum
Kaon Under Siege
The Lost Island

In the easier camp I would try Taral V and the False Emperor first followed by The Esseles and Maelstrom Prison. In the harder, I would try Directive 7 and Battle Of Ilum followed by Kaon Under Siege. The Lost Island is significantly harder than all the rest so I wouldn't attempt that without being in full Columi with a few pieces of Rakata unless you have a good geared group with you.

Hope this helps.