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04.24.2012 , 03:13 AM | #5
Since my main hit 50, I have been able to find 3 groups to do BT HM. I haven't even been able to experience any content past foundry. I see no downside to anyone with a cross sever que. It only lets more people have the option to group together doing a flashpoint. While leveling I rarely got to do heroic missions because few would want too. Now at 50 there is alot of pve content I can't explore. And as for doing dailies for gear....maybe when hell freezes over, IMO dailies don't give enough credits, and the time for commendation for rewards I find horrible. I enjoy the game alot. So much that instead of quitting because of lack of content available for me to actually do, I will just make new alts and hope for a patch update. And the one side of content I can do PvP, i found immensely more enjoyable in the 1-49 bracket. I don't enjoy having **** gear against 50s with good gear. its lopsided. even if i could get some FP gear that would help my odds.