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No. Never in a thousand years.

I suggest you do the following:

1. Type "/cjoin LFG". Many servers have a community run LFG channel.

2. Encourage others on your server to join the LFG channel. If you're having the problem, then I'm sure others are too.

3. Find a group of people interested in Operations and make your own group. In my experience there are always many people who want to do an Ops, but a lack of people willing to lead them. Take the time, organize it, schedule it, learn the fights, and do it.
That may be great for you sever but its not like that on mine. In reality there is no downside to this. Its just the same as pvp que matches. It would help light sever populations out. My sever loves to pvp. I am not going to spam all day lfg. I don't need your noob suggestions. I need a que support to be able to run anything.