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04.24.2012 , 02:51 AM | #1
Ok so a friend and I have played through the game. He is a smuggler healer... I am a DPS commando. Assuming we can get two random tank and dps to help us.... which FP should we do first?

We have finished normal D7 recently. I have 2 crafted rakata items and tionese legs and the rest is mostly rubbish. My friend has the same. What should we tackle first? Which HM is the most forgiving? I tried Esseles once but our (my) dps wasnt up to scratch to kill the last boss before he enraged. Up till then tho was fine and netted me tionese pants.

PLS keep in mind we are strictly average or slightly better then average players. Im not looking for ppl to say "We beat HM xyz in 45 mins because its all about mechanics not gear". We arent pro. We can be taught... but for the moment we arent pro so please be realistic.