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04.24.2012 , 12:47 AM | #5
It's fine. A couple bosses could use some slight tweaking to make them a little more forgiving. However, if it's not cleared by the bulk of raiding guilds in 3 weeks it served its purpose well. Raiding is progression. Progression is not just clearing normal and moving to hardmode. Progression is downing one boss after mechanics are learned and skill is increased. Raids had to get harder at some point in time, but at least these are still simple enough to be done by the bulk of the population, they just might not do them in the first couple weeks and so it's causing people to blow up about it being too difficult. People need to adjust these raids aren't cakewalks anymore. They require you to have basic class awareness and basic raid awareness and not much else. This raid punishes people for mistakes, as all good raiding has done and all good raiding should continue to do.

While I do believe people may struggle to do Kephess or even Stormcaller/Firebrand I think this is a good thing, learning and growing as a player is very important. These raids are not so difficult that they require much more than fairly basic overall raid awareness. I will say that if learning and growing your skill in raids isn't something you look forward to then maybe you shouldn't be a raider, because I guarantee regardless of play level casual to hardcore there is going to be someone who gets tired of hearing people complain about content difficulty when they make no active strides to better themselves and learn from mistakes.