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04.24.2012 , 12:18 AM | #2
I run with TWO op teams from TWO guilds and in both cases we found it challenging but in a good way that make us keep trying to progress (both successfully and unsuccessfully) and as such we're happy for EC to keep it current difficulty.

Op1 - I would say your average Op team.
- Mostly Columi with 1-2 Rakata's.
- We're EV HM 4/5 and KP norm 3/5.
- We op 2-3 times a week going to different places each night and not necessary try to clear the place.
- On our first run at EC normal we spent 3hrs before managing to down the first boss.

Op2 - A straight up Raiding guild,
- Mostly Rakata with 1-2 Columi.
- Cleared EV and KP NM.
- Use to raid 4 times a week but by the end of 1.1 we were clearing the content in one night.
- We started straight into HM EC and it generally took us 1-2 4hr night to learn and clear the boss...until we got to Kephess that we're working on.

As said, under the above condition I'm happy with the current difficulty but its definitely not for PUG's and I DO understand how some might see it as over-tune BUT if you do a bit of reading on the tacts and have the appropriate gear as above then i really don't see why people can't progress through (fast or slow).