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How the heck do you skip those mobs?
This is wat i normally do with my group of guildies for Taral V HM. I'm a jedi shadow tank. Block of text incoming.

Start point > hug left mountain all the way till u reach water body > cross it > hug left all the way until u get a ticking dot from the fire > sap 1 of the mob > cross over to right side > stay out of aggro from mobs and keep moving forward n sapping whenever > 1st mini boss can b skipped if u hug right wall or sap the right mob b4 ur being detected > move up all the way to 1 elite droid n engage > clear right pack of strongs n weak > move to boss (the 1 with the big add) n fight where he stands while every1 else stand away from the patting elite droid > boss down > move to right n clear 2 strong 1 weak pack n continue to hug right n sap along the way till u reach the long bridge > knock back n push the weaks off the bridge n kill elites as necessary > after bridge move towards the right n stay clear of packs > sap the sole strong on the ramp (cos he summons 6 mobs on top of those spawning inside of compound) > clear the spawned adds n avoid all mobs till ur right outside the doctor boss > avoid the doctor boss > keep right n go left up the ramp n move in front of the barricade ( this way the mobs will not rush front) > hugging where possible to avoid packs n reach the droid boss > tank n spank > clear to last boss.

this whole run takes no more than 18mins for a group that's familiar with the whole sequence. since there is no FP lock now... u can take less than an hour to clear ur HM FP weekly. jus that running Taral V continously might put a hate mode on urself. Use with caution.
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