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Fine if they want to keep them so hard they should give much better loot. Everyone should be able to agree that the difficulty to loot ratio is just wrong. Fix one or the other on these things.

They should also make the higher level ones much harder so that they all match up. Then they should make the flashpoints harder still.

Call it whatever you want the difficulties should all match up properly instead of being shoddy and all over the place. If you go into a heroic you should know what kind of difficulty you're going to face.
I agree with this. I just did "Fall of the Locust" on Taris. Myself as tank and group leader, a genuine healer, and 2 dps. The quest level is 16; we were all level 19. Although none of us performed perfectly, we made use of CC and target marking to determine kill order. After 2 hours and 3k in repair bills, we made it to the final boss. Each of the bosses was a pushover, but the trash packs of 7 mobs with instant summons on pulls were crazy hard, with incoming spike damage of up to 75% of my health pool.

Honestly, I crave this level of difficulty. Very satisfying on an adrenaline level (although the self-rez cooldowns eventually hit 10 mins, which slowed down the pacing). The problem was, after all of that work, all I got from the quest was the choice of a low-stat blue item or 1 Taris Commendation. Honestly, at this level of difficulty - just short of bleeding edge, Hard Mode raids - I'd expect 2 purples or browns to drop off of the last boss.