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04.23.2012 , 02:41 PM | #1
There was hardly "any" gap in difficulty from story EV and story KP, (unbugged soa that is).

There is however a big gap between EV/KP to EC.
There's also a big gap between all the pre 1.2 HM FP vs Lost Island HM.
*** I'm not complaining, however. *** not at all. I like it.

But I "would" like to see something in between.
Like maybe the other FP that do not have a HM,
like Hammer station, etc.

** The only question would be what loot/reward would it provide?
- Legacy quests to unlock? the more you do the more legacy quests you can unlock?
- Mats that are required for some of the higher end Ops schematics?
- different schematics? like say lvl "23" Hilt/barrel, armoring, mods, etc?