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I was wondering if there were larger sources of credits out there? I'm not talking other stuff, i'm talking just pure credits? Because you can currently get around 250k+ in 2 hours doing everything right?

I was looking around for other sources in cash and was just wondering if this was all there is? I know I can sell things on the GTN, but ultimately that cash has to come from somewhere else.

I have found a few NPCs on faction bases that may be farmable for significant cash drops (4k+). My guess that the Imperial outpost is good for 10-15k if you wipe all the NPCs, which you could continuously do with 3-4 players, non stop. I managed about half of it as a columi solo-stealther, but then a couple of mobs spawned and I got pwned.
You are pretty much spot on. This is how pretty much all games of this type are structured. Quests (including dailies), cash drops, and the other one you didn't mention, vendoring items.

With the costs being vendor items (including legacy rewards), training (while leveling), repair bills, missions, GTN fees, and travel costs.