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Let me get this straight. You think KP and EV were too hard to begin with?
That's not even close to how it read to me.

I can only assume the OP was talking only about story mode EC, so let me interpret from that angle. I think, honestly that EV/KP normal mode were nearly perfect, for their intended audience. They required you to start thinking about positioning, movement, and some amounts of coordination. KP increased that, especially on Bonethrasher, J&S and Fabricator. Here's the thing. I think that the story modes shouldn't be a major step up from Tier 1 to Tier 2 as so many here are arguing. Minor? Sure, but right now, it's a pretty significant step up from even HM for rewards that are not worth that.

Story modes should be for 3 things. 1. To see the story. 2. To introduce new people to the raid game. And 3. To allow people to gear up to the point that they can go join up with a progression guild if they want to, without being a lead weight around their neck.

1 and 2 are about the fun and coolness factor of the "big" fights, and that's why EC needs to be PUG friendly. I think I've only seen one person in the several threads about this claim that they did it as the intended audience, and they were a "casual" guild in appropriate gear, not a true pug. Most of those yelling are neglecting to mention their own gear and progression level, or are obviously overgeared for the content.

#3 is about the long term health of the raiding game. If you don't have a path like this, you end up with an increasingly small subset of the population growing more and more distant from the larger, more casual/new player crowd (but with some "diamonds in the rough" who WOULD make good raiders), with nearly no way to bridge the gap. And being forced to inbreed recruit. Many games make this mistake.

Casual raid forces may, but PUGs will almost definitely not run the Ops enough times to get everyone geared out in the gear, so the next tier can't be balanced around being fully kitted in the previous stuff (with the possible exception of EC and columi since it's obtainable from FPs sans MH - LI?).

Bah, this ended up being much longer and windier than I anticipated, and I think I still missed something.