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04.23.2012 , 07:48 AM | #182
We're finally 4/4 in Denova. I'll say this, we were a middle of the pack WoW guild. The kinds that killed 25m Lich King in normal at about 15% buff but stalled around Putricide/Lich King in 25m Heroic.

We were able to beat each encounter within a few tries each including I think 4 tries on Kephess. IMO, that means the story mode content is well tuned. Its on par with Hardmode EV/KP and maybe just a smidge tougher. I would hope they wait a bit before they nerf the content. The patch isn't even a month old!

Honestly, if you've done any WoW raiding since WOTLK on, none of the mechanics should be new. Maybe the puzzle boss but the new part is the easiest part of that fight. It still boils down to killing streaming adds and occasional burst dps phases on larger, quick-enrage adds with a final phase boss with a threat reset. Standard fare.

Enjoy the challenge. If it were too easy, those "leaving" over difficulty would leave anyway in a few weeks claiming "nothing to do BW!" MMO players are impossible to please.
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