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If you get only 3 disarms, the fight is rather easy and allows for a bit of DPS slack, 4 disarms allows for almost none.

The first time we tried this we also thought that getting 3 is the only way to get it done but we have done it with 4, you just have almost no room for errors or BUGS (Yes it has some).

I have to add I have ALWAYS seen 2x 4 disarm routes, I just try to find the 3x route if I can (If the map has it and I can normally tell within 30s if is does), otherwise we factor in going for 4. The key is avoid downtime from getting your Probe found and DPS'd, Ideally you want to get the probe and then determine the best path while they DPS the probe. If you time these correctly then you should be summoning your 4th Probe around the 3.30-3.40 Mark on the timer, which leaves very little time before the 4.30 enrage on the turrets. **Remember you still need 5s to disarm and time to run to the console to de-activate.

Big advice... don't bother with the far right line, because the last block at the top of that is a wall and getting that does not help you at all (Unless there is a rare pattern that has the block directly to it's left green and therefore only a 4 pattern at best).

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