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Some answers :

My questions for Trooper are:
- Is story good?
Chapter 1 is average. Chapter 2-3 are bad. The galaxy is supposed to be at war, but yet, you are send to do errand on some minor planet. And you are supposed to be the best the republic have to offer.
- Is playing the class fun? Please state if your a vanguard or a commando.
Commando pre 1.2 : soloing was really fun. It seems vanguard is fun to, lots of aoe, and survability.
- How is dialogue?
I don't know what to say.
- How is it compared to smuggler story/gameplay and councilar story/gameplay?
Smuggler story is better so far (I'm lvl43, belsavis). It's really fun, playing as a male, a bit "cool" like Han Solo. Gameplay is a matter of taste.
Consular story is bad. Worse than trooper story. Obvious plot, boring quest.... They tried to make the quest more diplomacy oriented, which is a great idea, but it's poorly done.

Smuggler- I would most likely be a scoundral because I HATE the cover system.
- do you feel weak? As a warrior I am feeling completely powerful and nothing can stop me, even Elites 2 or 3 levels higher than me.
I play as a gunslinger, and I feel weaker than my commando. You are more a glass cannon with really limited aoe. The only one interesting comes around lvl48... Also, the only mez you have works only against droids, and it's limited. I was able to solo H2 with my commando, and unable as a smuggler. Maybe it's different as a scoundrel, but I'm not sure.
- How is healing?
I don't know for sure, but I played commando as healer, and got a friend with operative heal (mirror class). A consular have better healing. The energy management as non consular is far more fun.
-How is gameplay?
I don't know as a scoundrel, but since I'm playing consular heal, I can talk about the gameplay as healer in pve I heal my pet while he kill stuff. I usually use a tank pet in DPS stance. Honestly, It's not so fun.
If you switch to DPS for lvling purpose, you'll rely on melee skills. Even uppercut and stuff. Sounds weird.

Hope this help.