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04.22.2012 , 06:36 PM | #4
Got 3 50's (BH/Agent/Trooper) and i have to agree that the trooper story is pretty bland. Especially when compared to my other two classes.

That being said the final battle of the Trooper story line is pretty cool (makes you feel like your in a war) and without spoiling it too much there is another part half way through the story that involves you invading a ship (trust me it's awesome). But other than those two parts it's kinda weak.

However i did roll a Vanguard and gotta say it's still my main today. The class itself is an absolute blast to play. You can tank, dps, support and all on the fly. No annoying long cast timers etc. Your pretty much a hit and move toon that can fill a variety of roles to fit any situation. Hell there are even various videos showing full trooper groups clearing hard mode operations and as a guildie once said "A trooper is all you ever need" kinda holds true.

So bottom line my input on the trooper... Story kinda sucks, has it's moments but man the class is fun to play.