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People always wanted to be bad guys, more than good guys. If anything, past the Darth Vader fascination, and the general tendency to enjoy roleplaying a sociopath, Star Wars really played up the good guy Jedi thing. There is very very little exposition given to the Dark Side, there are only really 3 novels that dig into it in the EU, and you get a very kind of vacuous shallow fall to the dark side for Annakin in Ep 3, so of course being evil is going to be interesting. Its going to be the newest thing in Star Wars since usually the predominant perspective is given to the good guys.

Also, don't underestimate the fascination with being your own private Boba Fett, easily one of the most popular characters in the Star Wars.

Its inevitable, and the flaw is in the nature of Star Wars itself. Being evil is the new cool. They never let you be it before, even in KOTOR you could be evil but were still basically fighting for the light side.
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